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Inside the new MRI at VMH!

Veterans Memorial Hospital introduced their new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to the local communities on April 1, upgrading from an older system, and are now offering 16-channel technology for superior image quality, shorter exam times and increased diagnostic confidence.

INSIDE the new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine that arrived at Veterans Memorial Hospital.  This new, state-of-the art machine offers scanning in any direction which provides important new perspectives of structures previously viewed in only one dimension and expanding the number of tests that can be performed locally at Veterans Memorial Hospital.

The experienced Radiology staff at Veterans Memorial Hospital has been using this new machine for three months and is very happy with its performance.

“We are very excited to be using this updated machine here at Veterans Memorial Hospital,” states Amanda Leiran, Radiology Supervisor at Veterans Memorial Hospital.  “With this new machine, we can definitely offer a greater number of exams to our patients in a more spacious scanner, keeping them much more comfortable and close to home.”

“When providers and specialists out of town order an exam for their patient, the patient thinks they are expected to have that test done at that same facility, when in most cases they may have it done at VMH,” adds Amanda.  “We can send all reports and images to any provider using our digital system.  I personally don’t think people realize that VMH offers as many services as we do, and this new machine has definitely added to that list!”

The GE system has the capabilities of imaging in any direction, which provides important new perspectives of structures previously viewed in only one dimension.  MRI provides greater image contrast to aid in the distinction of tissues – for example the gray and white matter in the brain – that is impossible with other forms of imaging.

“We can truly see more and do more with our new MRI machine,” adds Kathy Hager, Radiology Tech at Veterans Memorial Hospital.  “With reduced exam times, in-suite murals, and a larger scanner space, our new system improves our patient comfort while maximizing image quality.   Our entire staff enjoys using this new machine and feel the satisfaction of offering even more services locally to our communities we serve.” 

The addition of this newest MRI upgrade at Veterans Memorial Hospital complements and extends the range of high-quality diagnostic services already available to the Allamakee and northern Clayton county communities.

Leiran adds, “We invite you to experience the balance of advanced technology and comfort by asking your provider to refer you to Veterans Memorial Hospital for your next MRI.”

For more information, please call the Veterans Memorial Hospital Radiology Department at 568-3411.