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Memorials Received

The following memorials were received by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation

IMO Terry Johnson by Sheila and Bruce Snitker, Vicky, Tim and Vanessa Phipps, Elaine Knuppe, Matthew, Ciara and Dax Snitker, Audrey Angel and Jane Grotegut, Ron and Nancy Adam, Carrie and Shane Sievers, and Deb Johnson

IMO Maggie Kruse
by Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Jerry and Linda Siegrist, Bob and Linda Thompson, Hilmen Christianson and Butch and Lois Fossum

In Honor of Dr. Chelsea McMillan
by Pat and Kathy McMillan, Don and DiAnne Haler, Richard and Liz Seibert, Dave and Sandy Lyons and Russ and Mary Jo Meyer

IMO Gene Shogren
by Virgil and Debbie Thorstenson, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Carol Moe, Bob and Linda Thompson, Gladwin and Darlene Anderson, Marlys Leiran, Jean Huffey and Dave and Laurie Martin

IMO Norma Fruechte
by Jean Huffey

IMO Fred Broszeit
by Tom and Karen Regan

IMO Lorna Kolsrud
by Greg and Jan Gordon and Dave and Laurie Martin

IMO Danielle (Heck) Lonning
by Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Rev Lonning, Patsy Kerndt and Bob and Kristi Campbell

IMO Delbert Timmerman by Patsy Kerndt

IMO Dorothy Treangen by Jane Dietrich

IMO Richard “Dick” Mitchell by Ernie and Donnalee Osland

IMO James Hawes by Gary and Joan David, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Mary Axmear, Dan and Traci Byrnes and Kay Hawes

IMO Todd Pladsen
by Brian and Denise Wullner

IMO Marcella Quillin
by Maury and Kay Mooney

IMO Dave Hogendorn
by Greg and Rose Piggott

IMO Donny Vine
by Brian and Denise Wullner

IMO Merlin Kruger
by Carol Krumme, Jane Dietrich, Craig and Barb Lensing, Dr. Bill and Libby Withers, Lillian Larson, Marv and Marge Strike, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Dave and Laurie Martin and family and friends of Merlin Kruger

IMO Marcie Quillin
by Gladwin and Darlene Anderson, Tom and Karen Regan, John and Lorna Kerndt, Mary Beth Regan, Chuck and Lois Votsmier and Maury and Kay Mooney

IMO Mike Schulte by Jane Dietrich, Laura Duvel, Carol Krumme, Nancy Schoh, Gordy and Darlene Kaeser and Mary Ann Hager.

IMO Marianne Mahr by Mary Fink, in memory of Ernie Larson by George Pickett, in memory of Doris Westerholm by Wayne and Lil Schmieden, in memory of Doris Schnur by George Pickett, and in memory of Mel Ruehmann by Jane Dietrich, George Pickett, and Kay Zimmerman

IMO Charles Berns
by Ray and Mary Ann Burke, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Joel and Teresa Sommer, Alex and Teresa Schaegers, Dave and Sandy Lyons, Dave and Rita Newton, Jane Dietrich, Ernie and Donnalee Osland, Orrin and Nan Grangaard and Mary Schulte

IMO Gladys Heitman by Patsy Kerndt

IMO Roger Espe by Jackie Westby

IMO  Donny Vine by Jim and Jill Kiesau.

 Ruth Hanson by Lesa Moose

IMO Gene Shogren by Dave and Laurie Martin

IMO Lorna Kolsrud by Dave and Laurie Martin

IMO Marty Melcher by Roger, Karen and Lisa Melcher families

IMO Steve Wild by Randy and Karen Loeb, Patsy Kerndt and Dan and Traci Byrnes.

IMO Carol Miene by Cyril and Shirley Larkin, Darlena Herman, Ernie and Donnalee Osland, Rick and Cathy Larson, John and Sheryl Prestemon, Mavis Berns, Bill and Beth Shafer, Alice Schlacke, Joan Bieber, and Brad and Erin Berns.

IMO Matt Regan by Jim and Linda Ryan, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Patsy Kerndt and Jim and Jill Kiesau

IMO Gilbert Kurth by Dan and Traci Byrnes, Betty White, Cyril and Shirley Larkin, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Gladwin and Darlene Anderson, John and Lorna Kerndt, Marcie Hansmeier, Randy and Karen Loeb and Jean Gander

IMO Donna Gilbertson by Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Ernie and Donnalee Osland, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Mary Ann Hager, George Pickett, Carol Moe, Jane Dietrich, Lillian Larson, Greg and Jan Gordon, Rick and Cathy Larson, Tom and Karen Regan, Dennis and Sandy Deal and family of Donna Gilbertson

IMO Marcella Selberg by Sigurd and Barb Ness, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, George Pickett, Betty White, Wesley Goeke, Dan and Traci Byrnes and Gayle Larkin

IMO Todd Pladsen by Jerry and Linda Siegrist, John and Lorna Kerndt, Orrin and Nan Grangaard, Jim and Jill Kiesau, and Craig and Barb Lensing

Memorials are greatly appreciated by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation.  The Foundation is a 501C3 organization.  All donations to the foundation are tax deductible.

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